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Michael McLaughlin Music shows are lively, bluesy, danceable, roots, experiences that provide both a study in Americana music history, as well as a comedic interaction with the audience that offsets the sometimes dour subject matter of the songs themselves. Folk music and blues have always dealt with the harsh realities of life and the experiences that kick us when we are down, and Michael’s original tunes are no different, capturing the musical and lyrical elements of early American music, but his humorous presentation and friendly interaction with his audience leave them with a warm and intimate experience. Jeffrey Wahr writting for the Southwedge Newspaper says this about Michael’s songwriting ” Intensity and introspection at this level are generally reserved for deep thinkers and barroom philosophizers not guitar pickers. if you like your folk music seasoned with equal parts wit, intellect, pessimism and a dash of hope, I recommend it.